Suspected pillowcase burglars nabbed in Port St. Lucie

May be tied to a dozen other burglaries

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Maybe it was the Christmas lights still on the rooftop.

Or the fact that their home sits right next to a wooded lot that made it attractive to thieves. But TJ Gallant and Michael Tribley got quite the surprise Monday afternoon.

"Our bedroom light turns on and I roll over to find two strange men standing in our bedroom," said Gallant.

Startled, the suspects smashed a glass door on their way out.

"I was able to get out here fast enough to see them backing out of the driveway," said Tribley.

The suspects' car was stopped moments later and Tribley identified it as the one he saw. Inside, officers found a computer tower, as well as pillowcases full of items believed taken from two other home burglaries on Monday.

"This suspect vehicle that we stopped was seen in the area of burglaries we've been investigating for almost a year," said Sergeant Frank Sabol with the Port St. Lucie Police Department.

Surveillance video taken last month shows the car pulling into and later leaving a home that was burglarized.

Arrested was 33 year-old Edwin Louissaint of Miami along with two juveniles. They face a number felony charges.

Gallant and Tribley say they're shaken, but OK.

"We're thankful neither one of us got hurt. We're glad this could possibly put a stop to a crime spree that had been going on since last April from what I understand," said Tribley.

Port St. Lucie police say they may be able to tie a dozen burglaries in their city to this case and will be sharing their information with the Martin County Sheriff's Office to see if there are other connections.

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