St. Petersburg shootings: Multiple people shot in at least three locations

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - At least four people have been shot from at least three shooting scenes in south St. Pete early Wednesday morning, according to St. Petersburg Police. Officials said they are working at least four scenes total following the series of possibly connected shootings.

The incidents began when officers responded to a hit-and-run incident at Oueensboro Avenue South and 31 Street around 2:17 a.m. Officers found an abandoned white Nissan Maxima that had been hit with multiple bullets.

"There were no victims located in the immediate area and no blood evident found inside the car," St. Pete Police spokesperson Mike Puetz said. "Officers did locate drugs inside the car, but no weapons."

Around 3:45 a.m., officers at the scene were flagged down by a black stretch limousine with two adult male victims suffering from non-life threatening gunshot wounds. The limo also have evident bullets holes in its exterior.

Officers also located a handgun inside the limo that had at least 10 other adults inside at the time. The two wounded men were taken to Bayfront Medical Center in stable condition, Puetz said.

The limo's occupants told the officers that the occupant of black Chrysler 300 had fired into their car somewhere in the area of 7th Avenue South and 28 Street. "When officers got to 7th Avenue South and 28 Street they found a black Chrysler 300 on the side of the road occupied by a lone adult male who was suffering from a bullet wound to his upper body," Puetz said.

Officers are working to determine if there were any other occupants of the car who had fled the area prior to the officers arrival or if the wounded victim had been shot by any of the occupants of the stretch limousine.

A fourth victim was located when another adult male arrived at All Children's Hospital suffering from a non-life threatening bullet wound to his upper body at the time officers where investigating the Chrysler 300 shooting scene.

"Again it's not clear if this victim's wound is in anyway related to the other shooting cases," Puetz said. "Obviously investigators will be busy this morning sorting out the details of these incidents"

It has not been confirmed if victims are the gunmen or if there are any gunmen at large.

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