St. Augustine archaeological site helping Jacksonville FBI train

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. (WTLV) City of St Augustine archeologist Carl Halbirt spoke to the Jacksonville FBI a couple of months ago about Spanish heritage in St Augustine.

That led to FBI Special Agent Larry Meyer asking to join him on an archaeological dig as part of the FBI's quarterly training sessions.

Halbirt was happy to get help from the FBI.

"It allows myself and volunteers with the St. Augustine Association to engage a group with similar concerns about uncovering the truth buried in the ground," said Halbirt.

Agent Meyer says his FBI evidence response team does similar work as do archeologists and this training can help hone their skills.

"When we go into a crime scene, we are looking for evidence to tie a perpetrator to a crime, or to recover evidence, it is basicly what an archeologist is doing, trying to collect evidence from the past to determine what happened here," Meyer said.

Halbirt said this archeological research will provide FBI agents with one more tool to use in their strategy to recover information buried in the ground, and provide a new perspective on what you can learn from the ground.

Meyer says it makes training fun.

"It makes it much more interesting rather than going out and digging up a pig carcass we had buried prior," said Meyer

"I think it is fantastic. It is very unique.  We haven't done training like this in the past, at least I haven't, just the education we are getting from this will help us in the future with our jobs at the evidence response team," said agent Teresa Gustafson.

Courtesy: NBC News Channel