Some aren't cheering Florida school district's short-skirts rule

Uniformed banned because it's above mid-thigh

CLEARWATER - "This is the shell and this is the skirt," said Jeana Fraser.

Fraser is a cheerleader and this is her high school team uniform.

"I love putting it on-- all the cheerleaders do," she said.

She wears garnet and gold to class on game days out of school spirit for Clearwater's Countryside High School.

"I've always wanted to wear my uniform. Like in middle school, I was so excited. I'd see
all these pictures on Facebook of girls that I know that would see do Junior Cougars," said Fraser.

The 15-year-old is a sophomore but made varsity this year but the tradition she just started to be a part of
might already be over.

"You hear the remarks, like 'oh, why are they wearing that.' Well, it's a uniform-- football
wears their jerseys, softball gets to wear their athletic pants and jerseys," she explained.

On Friday, as Fraser and her teammates showed their talent and strength on the sidelines, they found out Countryside High School officials banned their short skirts in class.

"There's a dress code in place to if a school determines that an outfit is not appropriate then they can ask a student to change or wear something different. This might include athletic uniforms," said Pinellas County School District spokesperson Melanie Marquez Parra.

The Pinellas County School district says dress codes can be tailored or modified by school principals. There are other high schools enforcing the same mid-thigh skirt lengths.

"The girls are there to promote the school. My daughter loves Countryside. She wants
this to be a positive thing and she wants to keep the tradition and so do I," said Jeana's mom, Norma Fraser.

This mom doesn't want her daughter to miss out on the tradition she says she's clearly earned.

"They're going to like rip off the button or something and put velcro so its going to be down to here so the skirt will be mid-thigh.

I just think it's going to look silly," said Fraser.

She's still not sure what she'll wear this Friday to class before the Cougars take on Lakeland at their home field.