Possible sinkhole opens under Tampa home, Red Cross responding

TAMPA - A possible sinkhole has opened up underneath a Tampa family's home, according to the Red Cross.

However, Tampa police nor the Tampa Fire Department could confirm if the shift was a result of a sinkhole.

Officials are responded to a report of a shift in the floor of their house  at 2103 West Sligh Avenue in Tampa.

The hole opened shortly after 7:30 p.m.

"There was a sound and the floor started coming out like a mountain," said Yanet Batista, a relative.  "They [the police] said sinkhole.  That's why they don't let nobody go back in."

According to the Sotto family, nine months ago, an insurance assessor advised them they had a sinkhole under their property.

"They say it was 100 percent a sinkhole but they didn't want to do nothing," Batista added.

The Sotto family said they hired an attorney.

The family of five, which includes a newborn and an 8-year-old, were evacuated and are being housed by the Red Cross.

Neighbor Marietta Gregory told ABC Action News she was shaken by the news.

She added that she called her priest and a prayer chain was started for the Sotto family.

No one was injured.


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