Sarasota police give homeless 9 days to leave camp

Police: could send bill for storage cost

SARASOTA,  (AP) -- People living in homeless camp in Sarasota will have five days to move their belongings, or police will move them and bill the owners for storage costs.

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports police officers placed written warnings at the camp on Wednesday.

Police say they've received two dozen complaints from neighbors. Parents whose children attend the nearby Sarasota School of Arts and Sciences have also complained. One parent told police a homeless man was recently urinating in public as children were being driven by the area.

Lt. Corrine Stannish says police are working with social services to find help.

It's part of the department's new plan for dealing with the homeless. Police Chief Bernadette DiPino says they realize it's not effective to simply move the homeless from place to place.

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