Ruskin sinkhole was actually just a collapsed septic tank, officials confirm

RUSKIN, Fla. - What was thought to be a sinkhole that opened up 10-feet behind a Ruskin family home turned out to be a collapsed septic tank, officials confirm. 

On Thursday night, the family who live at 1303 3rd Ave. N.E. left the home and contacted emergency personnel before 10 p.m. Thursday night after a 7-feet-long by 2-feet-wide "sinkhole" was discovered.

Crews cordoned off the area until the opening could be assessed for depth and overall impact to the surrounding area Friday and the family remained evacuated overnight.

On Friday morning, code enforcement determined the hole was actually a septic tank that collapsed on itself, leaving a 7 foot by 2-foot hole behind.

Three walls fell and one stayed up. They have determined 100 percent that this is not a sinkhole.

The family says they weren't aware that a septic tank was on the property, since the tank was inactive.

The home is only 25 miles away from Seffner, where 37-year-old Jeffrey Bush was swallowed by a sinkhole in his bedroom on Feb. 28.

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