Robert Payton, Miramar city manager, resigns and gets $2.4M payout

MIRAMAR, Fla. - A man who began working as a garbage collector for the city of Miramar in 1977 before becoming city manager will receive a $2.4 million payout after resigning from office.

The Miami Herald reports 54-year-old Robert Payton resigned suddenly on Monday night.

According to his employment contract with the city, he'll collect $2.4 million, which is mostly in deferred pension and retirement benefits and a small amount of accrued sick days and vacation time.

The Herald reports Payton will also receive 21 years of dental and health insurance at an annual cost of about $25,800.

And he'll receive an annual pension of $110,593.

Payton says he had been considering retirement for several years, but his resignation on Monday caught officials off guard.

He had been city manager since 2001.

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