Residents in Naples protest outside Governor Rick Scott's home on a proposed oil well

They constructed a model rig in front of his home

NAPLES, Fla. (AP) -- Collier County residents who protested outside the beachfront home of Florida Gov. Rick Scott say they are waiting for a response from him on a proposed oil well.

About 100 residents concerned with the proposed oil well in Golden Gate Estates in Naples constructed a model rig about 10 feet tall right outside the governor's home on Saturday. They had marched there from the fishing pier while holding signs that read: "Don't Drill. Preserve our Paradise. Oil: Not Worth a Panther's Whisker."

Residents say the proposed 145-foot rig would stand about 1,000 feet from homes. They also say it will affect the endangered Florida panther and nearby Everglades.

The group is demanding that Gov. Scott deny the well's permit through the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.


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