Premier Parking Ventures: Disgruntled valets dump car keys stranding drivers near Port Miami

It was a holiday headache for dozens of cruise passengers in Miami.

After disembarking from their ship, many had a tough time trying to get into their vehicles and drive home because the valet didn't have their keys.

Crowds of cruise goers were left unable to drive home after disembarking at Port Miami.

Once they got to the downtown lot, they say, some valets for Premier Parking Ventures, which operates the lot, dumped cruise goers' car keys in protest of not being paid.

Customers panicked.

Cruise goer Brian Kline said, "They had just a mosh pit of people scrambling through keys, and people saying they're gonna miss their flight, some people screaming they're gonna call the police."

After hours of waiting, some customers went key by key, hoping to find their own.

Others had to call for help, on their own dime.

Scott Wierzenski describes the delay, "We're waiting for a locksmith to come so they can make keys so we can go home, now that it's been over five and a half hours ago."

Tows were able to free some cars, and locksmiths were able to help others drive away.

Customers say Premier is placing the blame on the valets, and the valets are placing it right back on the Tampa-based company -- which Brian Kline says will get the bill for his homecoming headache.

"We paid for a tow truck, but there were too many cars blocking us in, so when they finally could get to my car, it was pulled in front-end drive, so they couldn't even tow it in to the dealer to make a key," Kline said.

Kline's keys eventually had to be driven to him, all the way from Delray Beach.