Port St. Lucie 7-Eleven customer, clerk help catch suspected donation jar thief

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. -  Luis Alamo stops at the 7-Eleven on Walton Road near his Port St. Lucie home just about every day.

When he walked in Sunday night, he thought something was odd. "Opened the door for a customer and as he was coming out.  I saw him with a tip jar and it looked a little suspicious."

He was right. 

When you rewind surveillance footage about 30 seconds, you see Vincent Caccavano at the front door of the store.  He then makes a move to the counter, and grabs a clear plastic donation jar by the register. "After about 2 seconds of thinking of it, he was gone so I ran into store letting them know that somebody stole their donation jar."

Alamo and the store clerk alerted police to the theft and then pursued Caccavano for nearly a mile before finding him. "Kind of hiding in the bushes.  He came out, we got him and got the money back, it was like 102-dollars."

Caccavano told police he stole the money for his family.

In an effort to keep the change from walking away again, that jar is now locked down. The money collected goes towards Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

That's appropriate according to Alamo because in a way, the store is like family to him. "They've always taken care of me at the 7-Eleven, helped me out when I didn't have money here or there so it's the only thing I could do to repay them."

Caccavano was booked on theft charges.

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