Plane originating from Fort Pierce crashes in Flagler County, 3 dead

The Florida Highway Patrol is currently conducting a preliminary plane crash investigation in Flagler County while awaiting the arrival of the FAA and NTSB. There are three deceased at the scene.

Preliminary information indicates that the plane was traveling from Ft. Pierce to Knoxville, TN. The aircraft was registered out of the British Virgin Islands, according to the FHP release.

The pilot reported having engine trouble, saw smoke, and then entered an area of bad weather. Shortly thereafter, the 911 calls began at the Flagler County Sheriff's Office regarding a plane crashing into a house at 22 Utica Path, in the Seminole Woods Subdivision of the Palm Coast. Only portions of the wing remained and it appears the plane made a steep decent prior to entering the roof of the home. A fire ensued and consumed the remainder of the plane and a great portion of the house.

One resident of the home, Susan Crockett, in her bedroom at the time of the crash, had to escape through the window. She has been treated at a local hospital and has been released. FAA and NTSB are expected at the scene this evening and will again be on scene tomorrow.

This report will be updated when more information is available.


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