Michigan family's dog found in Florida

(WESH) A microchip helped in the search for a Michigan family's missing dog, which somehow wound up in Florida.

The Leasons feared Gigi, a 3-year-old Doberman, was dog-napped and gone for good.

"I hate to think somebody would do that, but I guess maybe there are people like that in this world that would just take a dog," Peggy Leason said.

The family said Gigi disappeared from their yard in Detroit.

Eight days later, Gigi turned up at the Flagler Humane Society after a Palm Coast resident found the dog wandering.

Gigi was wearing a collar the last time the family saw her, but she was without one in Florida.

Gigi was implanted with a microchip, though. That's how Humane Society workers identified her and contacted the family.

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