Marlene San Vincente 13-year-old stripper case: Woman accused of human trafficking denies charges

Says she would never harm anyone

For the first time since her arrest in a human trafficking case involving a 13-year-old girl Marlene San Vincente speaks out from jail. "It's been hard I just want to see my children it's hard.

San Vincente, along with three others, is accused of a disturbing crime... forcing a 13-year-old runaway into a life of prostitution and stripping at Club Madonna on South Beach.

San Vincente was a dancer at the club. "I have my children I love my children I take care of them."

San Vincente is a mother of a two-year-old and a four-year-old. She could not get into the facts of the case but one thing is clear she says she is not a monster. "I would never harm anyone. I'm not dangerous, I'm not."

San Vincente's lawyer Yehuda Bruck says the 13-year-old was introduced to his client as an 18-year-old with a child of her own. He says by all accounts everyone thought she was 18. "She came to the club she danced there were no guns there she did all of this voluntarily."

Club Madonna, which has been temporarily shut down by the city of Miami Beach, has denied knowing an 13-year-old girl was dancing there.

"The responsibility to ensure that children are not dancing lies with the club and the club management," Bruck said.

"I would never harm anyone, it's not me it will never be me," San Vincente said.

"In the shadowy world of dancing the girls develop a sort of camaraderie. They do each other's hair, they do each other's makeup. They lend each other their clothing. They lend each other their money. They're a close-knit couple. You know, dancing is a lonely business, and it would be normal for dancers to be friends with other dancers and to help them out in a time of need. This doesn't make her a monster," Bruck said.

The 13-year-old runaway has since been reunited with her mother.

Club Madonna's owner is seeking an injunction against the city for shutting it down. It says the city has no proof the teen danced at the club.