Man steals puppies from Orlando pet store by shoving them down his pants

ORLANDO, Fla. - A Florida pet shop owner hopes his new video surveillance system will help police nab the person who stole two puppies over the weekend.

The thief did it by shoving the puppies down his pants!

It's always frustrating when someone comes in and steals from you especially right from under your nose, when you're just standing three feet away.

This is a first for owner Charles Glatz. Glatz shared this latest surveillance video that shows a man who came in the Puppy Stop along East Colonial with a toddler and just looked around before leaving.

Hours later, during one of the store's busiest times you can see that same man returned with the child and another adult male and female. That's when you can see that second man stuff a Pug puppy in his pants and leave the store.

In an even more brazen move he comes back moments later snagging a Miniature Dachshund the same way.

"We got really good footage of this guy. We're offering a $250 reward for anybody that turns this guy in, turns these people in and let's us know who they are."

Watch the video below: