Kimberly Lindsey update: Nearly 1,000 people attend a memorial service for beloved school nurse

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. -  Nearly one thousand friends, family, and strangers turned out to remember Kimberly Lindsey Wednesday.

The afternoon memorial service was at capacity at Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach Gardens.

"She gave each and every person she met her entire heart and all of her love," Lindsey's daughter Sarah Lindsey told the crowd.

Sarah and others saying that Lindsey was always giving and concerned about others.

"At the lower point of my mom's divorce when she heard my dad was sick, all she would do is call him and offer to make him soup. That is unbelievable to me," Sarah Lindsey said.

PHOTOS: Memorial service held in honor of Kimberly Lindsey

Now Lindsey's three daughters are orphans. Friends promising they'll step up the way Kim would.

"So, my dear friend Kim, now it is my time to give your daughters what you gave mine: a friend, a family, and a Mom. It is finally time for you to rest in peace," close family friend Karien Dietrick said.

Lindsey was not just nurturing and loving to her own children, but to all the kids at Bak Middle School where she was the nurse.

"You walk into the nurses' room and you see different people, but no one can replace her. She was a ray of sunshine," student Kelie Hanley said.

No one at the service focused on the tragedy, instead, they kept their attention on daughters Sarah, Savannah, and Sofia.

"Know in your heart Kim that we have your back and your daughters will be cared for. I promise you Kim we won't let you down," Dietrick said.

A trust fund has been established to help the daughters financially. If you would like to donate, go to

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