Judson Shurley: Suspected of cattle rustling, Martin County Sheriff's Office says

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. - The Martin County Sheriff's Office says it has busted the largest cattle rustling case in its history.

Investigators say Judson Shurley was the ranch manager at the Pine Ridge Plantation in western Martin County.

Detectives say over an 18-month period, Shurley took 175 cows from the property and sold them, pocketing more than 100-thousand dollars.

"A scheme like this that took so long and so much property was stolen, we haven't seen anything like this," said Martin County Sheriff  William Snyder.
The sheriff's office says there may be other victims in this case.  A neighboring ranch is missing 35 head of cattle.

This story was updated to clarify the first name of the suspect.


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