Joshua Hakken update: Deputies search Hakken family home, turn up computer and credit cards

TAMPA - A computer, credit cards, an Ethernet card, bank paperwork, a U.S. map and list of contacts are among the items Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputies say they found when searching Joshua Hakken's Tampa home.

Hakken, according to deputies, kidnapped his two sons Wednesday morning after losing custody.  Deputies said Hakken used Zip-Ties to subdue the boys' maternal grandmother Patricia Hauser.

The documents show Hauser provided law enforcement with oral and written statements that Joshua Hakken and her daughter Sharyn Hakken had previously planned suicide but Joshua realized "they have a way out."

Hauser also stated that when Joshua left her house Wednesday morning he stated, "phase one completed, ready for phase two."

Law enforcement has now taken their search for the missing family of four to the Gulf of Mexico.  It is believed that the family set sail Wednesday and video captured all alive and onboard.  Officers found the family's car parked in a garage near John's Pass in Madeira Beach Thursday night.

It is unclear if the Hakkens took their cell phones with them because when investigators tried to do an emergency trap and trace the phones were shut off.

Other items found at the Hakken home included something eerie, a funeral ad found in the family office.

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