Joselyn Martinez, Justo Santos search: Woman tracks down man suspected of killing her father

Found him in Miami using background searches

NEW YORK - A daughter who never gave up on finding the man accused of killing her father in New York cracked the case on her own when she tracked down the suspect in Florida--- thanks to an internet back ground search.

NYPD detectives are giving major kudos to Joselyn Martinez, an aspiring actress turned private eye who picked up where they left off and solved her father's murder case on her own, according to a New York Daily exclusive report. 

The fatal shooting of Jose Martinez happened in front of his New York restaurant during a confrontation with some teens in November of 1986; the case had gone cold for nearly three decades.

His daughter, 36-year-old Joselyn Martinez, was only 9 at the time when her father was killed.

She says the teens were harassing her mother, asking her lewd, sexual things, and that's when her father, Jose, came to his wife's defense.

Jose was shot in the head during the confrontation, and the shooting suspect, identified as 16-year-old Justo Santos, fled to the Dominican Republic.

In 2006, Joselyn decided to take matters into her own hands and started searching for Santos on social media sites like Myspace and Facebook, but found nothing.

Then she signed up for a free promotional search on and Santos' name popped up. Turns out he was in living in plain sight as Miami resident, working as the manager of a janitorial company. 

She decided to pay fees to the site and other similar sites to get access to Santos' personal information, like his number and address, spending about $280 total.

She turned the information over to detectives, they traveled to Miami, and arrested the suspect, who admitted to the murder.

Joselyn is thrilled to have found the man who says he killed her father. The only question she's left with, is why.

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