Investigators say man who shot 3 people likely shot himself

Man shoots two, kills one


St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara says the man whom they believe shot 3 men Sunday morning, killing one, likely killed himself in the 4100 block of North 45th Street. Sheriff's officials have not yet released more information about the incident.


The Sunday morning shootings happened within 30 minutes, first near the 800 block of Boston Avenue, where one man was shot near his mailbox.


The second shooting happened near 39th street and Avenue F where two men, 22-year-old Justin Rivera and 27-year old Shane Patrick Streeter, were shot. Streeter was pronounced dead at the scene.


Mascara said someone who lives near Angle Rd. and Avenue M called saying they saw a black truck that matched the description of the suspect vehicle from the morning shootings. They also saw someone deceased, leaning on the steering wheel with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. 


Streeter's mother was hoping for answers from the suspect. Now, it may be harder for her to know why the man shot her son.


"We're really going to miss him," said Brenda Colvin. Her husband delivered the hard news Sunday afternoon. "I could tell in his voice that something was really wrong. I thought maybe one of my granddaughters got hurt or something, but it wasn't. It was my son," said Colvin.


Streeter's roommate says Streeter and their other roommate, Justin Rivera, were walking to the grocery store to get breakfast when they were both shot. She says Rivera is mentally challenged and that they would usually drive to the store. Sunday morning was out of the ordinary.


Colvin said Streeter didn't start trouble and loved his family. "He had a real kind heart and even if people didn't deserve his sympathy, he was still always sweet," said Colvin.


Now, she's  trying to grasp what happened.


Investigators say they were able to recover the suspect's cellphone from the truck. They say they hope to get in touch with his family to see if anything unusual happened recently that may have changed his mindset.


Mascara said the first man shot near Boston Ave. will likely be paralyzed, but is expected to survive.


Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers contributed to this report.

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