Internet cafe ban Florida bill to be decided with vote today by members of the Florida House

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Members of the Florida House will vote Friday on House Bill 155. The bill proposes a ban on Internet cafes across the state.

Internet cafes, also referred to as adult arcades, are commonly used for online gambling.

This isn't the first time a ban on Internet cafes has been proposed.

Last year, the Florida House approved a similar bill but it wasn't approved by the Senate.

This year, senate members may change their mind.

The vote comes in the wake of gambling ring arrests and Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll's resignation for her involvement with this type of business.

Those in the adult arcade business fear for their jobs. They say the industry is like a "grown up version of Chuck E. Cheese."

If the house approves the bill, it will then go to the Senate. If the Senate approves the bill it will then go to the governor's office for final approval.

There is no word yet when the bill would go into effect if the law is approved.

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