Hollywood honoring officers who saved 16-year-old from rough waters on Memorial Day

HOLLLYWOOD, Fla. (AP) -- Hollywood officials are honoring four police officers who saved a 16-year-old's life after he got caught in the rough water on Memorial Day.

   Officers Shawn Charles, Greg Saladino, Steven Dienfenbacher and Jason Thomas were presented with Lifesaving Awards on Tuesday. They pulled Cottard Remy from the water on the evening of May 27, long after lifeguards had left for the day.

   The Miami Herald reports officers were on patrol at Hollywood Beach that evening. Dienfenbacher and Thomas swam out and brought the teen in. On shore, Charles and Saladino began CPR.

   At first the officers thought they had lost him. But finally Remy started coughing up water. He was taken to a hospital and has recovered.

   The Broward County YMCA is providing swimming lessons for the Remy family.

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