Hofbrau Munchen beer truck I-75 crash: Kevin Dennison crashes off JD Young Manatee River Bridge

Dennison taken to hospital

ELLENTON, Fla. - Details are unfolding after a semi-truck somehow crashed into the Manatee River off I-75 Thursday morning.

The crash happened in Manatee County northbound on I-75 in the middle of the JD Young bridge just before 4:45 a.m.

Kevin Dennison, 40,  was driving a Hofbrau Munchen beer truck northbound in the right lane of I-75 over the Manatee River Bridge when he lost control of the vehicle.

The vehicle struck the inside concrete bridge retaining wall, then went over the bridge and landed in the river.

Dennison was out the truck, standing on its side when the Florida Highway Patrol arrived.

He was taken to Blake Hospital.

There was minor damage to the retaining wall.

The left lane of JD Young bridge was temporarily blocked with delays for north bound traffic from Manatee County into Hillsborough, but the roads are now clear.

The truck is still in the water, a significant slick has developed and it has been moving down the river. It hasn't been determined whether it's fuel. The truck was not loaded.

The Florida Wildlife Coalition is investigating what spilled and what the spill's impact may be.

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