Governor Rick Scott will ask for a $500 million cuts in taxes and fees

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Governor Rick Scott has kicked off his "It's Your Money" Tax Cut Tour.

His first stop? The Palm Beach County Convention Center.

The state is projected to have a sizable budget surplus next year. So, the governor is pledging to cut a half a billion dollars in taxes and fees.

He is touring the state and asking all of us, "What would you cut?"

The state forecast that is projecting the surplus also says half of the surplus may be a one-time windfall. That means the Legislature may have to find a way to pay for any long-term tax cuts.

The Republican governor has sought tax cuts every year he has been office.

Shortly after he was inaugurated in 2011 Scott sought tax and fee cuts of $4 billion over a two-year period. But those deep tax cuts were rejected by the GOP-controlled Legislature that was struggling with a budget deficit.

Scott does not plan to specify which taxes and fees he wants to cut. But one possible target is to roll back automobile fees that were raised in 2009.

The Associated Press Contributed to this report.

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