Gator bites construction worker

LAKE CITY, Fla. - An eight-foot alligator disrupted what should have been an ordinary day for a Lake Park construction crew that was laying dock planks at Lake Jeffrey. 

As part of a group of men hard at work building a dock, all standing chest-deep in water, Mike Tennant was attacked by a gator.

Eric Knight described the ordeal.

"He just got a surprised look on his face and started dragging backwards. His look completely changed. He knew he had a gator on his leg and completely freaked out," he said.

The eight-foot gator struck, and Knight and his colleagues sprung into action.

"When he jumped up in the canoe, you could see his leg basically hanging. It was bad," Knight said.

They worked to stop the bleeding and called an ambulance, as Florida Fish and Wildlife officers arrived to take care of the alligator, shooting it multiple times.

"We've incidents where people have lost limbs tangling with gators. We really don't want anybody doing that. We don't want anyone trying to play 'Crocodile Dundee' out there," explained Karen Parker with FWC.

Despite the attack, crews expect to finish the dock next week.

Florida wildlife officials say there are more than a million alligators throughout the state.

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