Florida Whole Foods marriage proposal in Coral Gables: Man proposes where he met girlfriend

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - Love was in the air at a South Florida Whole Foods. A man who met the love of his life proposed to her at the exact spot where the couple met.

What started as a regular trip to the grocery store turned into a big surprise for a South Florida woman.

Never before has Whole Foods been so romantic, but for Vladimir Romannikov it was the perfect place to propose to his future bride.

"So she's over here reading her Kombucha label. I'm here trying to grab one," said Romannikov.

A year ago, Monica Dehombre was checking out the Kombucha tea section at the Coral Gables Whole Foods located on Red Road.

She was completely oblivious that Romannikov was seriously checking her out.

"I see Monica and I'm like walking around the store. I'm trying to follow her a little, trying to start a conversation but she's really serious about her shopping," said Romannikov.

"I didn't even notice him. He was following me around the whole store and we get to cash register two and he was like, 'So you shop all organic huh?'" said Dehombre.

That was it. The mother of all pick up lines. Romannikov and Dehombre struck up a conversation, walked all the way back to the parking garage together and started dating.

"Hey, it worked. It worked," said Romannikov.

When it came down to propose to Dehombre, for Romannikov it was a no brainier to go back to the place where it all began.

"Hi. I'd like to propose to my girlfriend here can you help me set this up?" said Romannikov.

Whole Foods put the service in customer service and helped set the whole thing.

"We came out and we met Vladimir and he was so genuine and had such a fun idea that we were really excited to help him coordinate it," said Camille Lamb, a Whole Foods employee.

"I asked them to put rose petals on the floor specifically at cashier two, which is where we first met," said Romannikov.

Romannikov had everything planned. He told Dehombre he was taking her out to dinner so she'd be sure to dress up. On the way to the restaurant he got a craving for their favorite snack: yucca cheese rolls from the Whole Foods bakery. So naturally they stopped in.

Romannikov had coordinated everything with the store leader. "When we arrived I texted her, 'Parked' and then the second signal once we were already in the store and said, 'ready' and that's when she made the announcement," said Romannikov.

"And there was an announcement saying, 'Attention customers: Monica and Vladimir please report to register two.' And then we started walking and I heard John Legend "All of Me" my favorite song playing," said Dehombre.

By then Dehombre knew exactly what was going on. "I heard the announcement, 'Monica and Vladimir please report' and then obviously my female intuition kicked in. But it was a complete shock," she said.

"She said yes," said Romannikov.

Who knew you could meet your prince charming when shopping for Kombucha. "Shop at Whole Foods to find love," said Dehombre.

Dehombre has started planning the wedding.

Courtesy: CNN Newsource