Florida officials search for an inmate who took off from jail in handcuffs

(WESH) Florida officials are continuing to search for an inmate who took off from the Orange County Jail while still in handcuffs.

On jail surveillance video you see 32-year-old Willie Hollis bolts out of the lobby of the booking center .

Another camera, outside the jail, captures video from a distance of Hollis running to a car.

Hollis remains on the run and the sheriff's office is doing a state-wide manhunt.

"They're working it very aggressively. That's all I can say right now. A number of teams are out there," said Jeff Williamson of the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Monday, Hollis and his girlfriend drove to the Orange County Jail for a probation hearing.

The sheriff's office believes Hollis may have fled with his girlfriend.

He has an extensive rap sheet including charges of false imprisonment and rape and should be considered dangerous.