Firefighters raise money for 9/11 memorial that may not be welcomed at Veterans Park

Memorial to include piece of WTC towers

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Tom Kaiser already has a spot picked out for a 9/11 memorial set to go in at Veterans Park in Boynton Beach. If not for the World War II veteran, the park wouldn't be the place of remembrance it is today.

But some of his fellow service members don't want to see a monument dedicated to the victims of the September 11th attacks in their park.

"It bothers me, I'm passionate about it. This is hallowed ground, I don't believe anyone but veterans and memorials to groups of veterans belong here," said Doug Lewis, a Vietnam War veteran.

Doug Lewis served multiple tours in Vietnam. He supports a 9/11 memorial in Boynton Beach, but he wants to see it go somewhere else.

"If I were the fire department, I'd want to put it where people will see it, in a higher traffic area," said Lewis.

The Boynton Beach Firefighter's Benevolent Association has raised almost $6,500 needed for the granite memorial. 

Fire Chief Ray Carter feels it would fit nicely in Veterans Memorial Park. 

"We want the veterans to understand our focus is the broader picture of all the events that happened that day. That was an act of war that brought us into the war on terror, a war our military continues to fight," said Chief Carter.

Lewis says he understands that way of thinking, but feels the reverence in the park is reserved for veterans only.

The Firefighter's Association and veterans are meeting with the city Tuesday to discuss a compromise.

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