Dr. Luis Bonilla and David Hines, helicopter crash victims, will be honored at Mayo Clinic

Helicopter crashed Dec. 26, 2011

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) -- Federal investigators are still working to determine what doomed a helicopter carrying a heart surgeon and technician from the Mayo Clinic in Florida last year.

Dr. Luis Bonilla and procurement technician David Hines were flying from Jacksonville to Gainesville to retrieve a heart for transplant when their helicopter crashed Dec. 26, 2011. They were killed along with the pilot, E. Hoke Smith of SK Logistics in St. Augustine.

Mayo Clinic officials say the transplant procurement team in Jacksonville gathered Wednesday to mark the crash anniversary and remember their lost colleagues.

An attorney for Hines' daughter says the Hines and Bonilla families have reached a settlement in a wrongful lawsuit against SK Logistics and Smith's estate.

The Florida Times-Union reports that SK Logistics has filed for bankruptcy.

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