Donald Trump FPL Twitter rant: Florida Power & Light responds to Trump's complaint

Florida Power and Light is responding to Donald Trump's FPL Twitter rant.

"In my opinion, one of the worst utility companies in the country is Florida Power and Light," Trump tweeted on Tuesday.

Trump is referring to what he described as "disgusting rotting" utility poles outside Trump National Doral in Miami.

"They should put in new ones or will be sued," Trump tweeted.

On Wednesday, FPL responded to its very high-profile unhappy customer: "At FPL, facts matter. Real issue is cost of removing concrete pole.

"Happy to oblige, but we're sure Mr. Trump wouldn't expect a handout at the expense of FPL customers," a second Tweet read.

Trump's response: "I pay millions of $'s a year to Florida Power & Light & they can't give us what we want. Maybe a major class action suit against them?"

"Re Florida Power & Light—Most important is safety but they have to also cater to aesthetics & not ruin the beauty of Florida," another tweet read.

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