Delvin Reynoso: Florida tree trimmer dies from electrocution after accident with power lines

A young landscape worker in Florida was killed instantly on Saturday when he accidentally touched a tree saw to a power line.

A second worker was also electrocuted but is recovering.

For witnesses it was a horrifying site.

Latrice Bines says she saw young landscape worker who'd been electrocuted hanging upside down in the tree surrounded by smoke.

She said it was clear he was no longer alive.

"it's sad for him and his co-workers," Bines said.

Sheriff's deputies say around 10 o'clock Saturday morning a crew  of four men from H and L Landscaping in Sanford was trimming trees on Alexa Court in Winter Park.

One of the workers, 22-year-old Delvin Reynoso accidentally touched a tree saw attached to the end of a metal pole to a nearby powerline.

It was a fatal mistake.

Doing so grounded him and the voltage in the electrical wire killed him.

Rescuers say Reynoso died instantly.

Another worker, Francisco Hernandez was on ladder touching the tree and was also shocked, but is recovering at the hospital and expected to survive.

Two other co-workers were not harmed but shaken by what they saw.

"I try to help him but there's nothing to do and I'm just.. We called 911 and they cut electric line off," said one of his co-workers.

That worker said they all know to stay at least 12 feet from power lines and he believed what happened was an accident.

Distraught family members gathered at the scene.

Witness Latice Bines says she can't stop wondering about the victim.

"You think about so many things.  You think about how, this morning, he got up to come and do a job, and he's working today, it's a new year, you think about his family, you think if he's got kids," Bines said.

Seminole County fire officials are working with the power company to further investigate the deadly accident.