Dalton Wiggs, Montana Fulkerson: Mulberry HS students give out condoms, banned from homecoming


Passing out condoms to campaign for high school homecoming king and queen-- is it too much? According to the Polk County School District, it is.

On Thursday, two seniors at Mulberry High School learned that there will be no homecoming at all for them thanks to their campaign for the court.

"This is what we've been waiting for and working for," said Montana Fulkerson. 

Fulkerson and Dalton Wiggs have been best friends since they were 8-years-old, and they knew they wanted their senior year to be special.

"I've been waiting my whole high school career just to run for homecoming king," Dalton said.

But now those hopes and dreams are gone, the day before the big announcement, all because of their campaign.

"We thought it would be funny to get condoms and write wrap up your vote because it yelled to the student body," Montana said.

Mulberry High School officials didn't think it was funny. They suspended the two from all homecoming activities and disqualified them from the runnings, issuing a statement describing the condom campaign as "inappropriate activity," going on to say that homecoming is extracurricular and participation is a privilege.

But Montana, who says she personally believes in abstinence and even wears a purity ring to promote it, says the condoms actually had a positive message.

"We didn't mean to promote sex, we were promoting safe sex and we figured if they were going to be mature enough to do it then they need to do it safely," said Montana.

Montana still picked up her homecoming dress Thursday, hoping school officials may have a change of heart, but as of now, "Tana and Wiggs" campaign is wrapped.

"This is what we've been waiting for and working for. We started early, months ago, getting everything ready and ideas ready, and so it'll be sad this weekend," Montana said.

"For it to be thrown away the day before voting, it's pretty painful," Dalton said.

Other Mulberry High School students said they feel the school overreacted, and they vouch for Montana and Dalton, saying they're good kids and had a real shot at being crowned homecoming king and queen.

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