Cynthia L. Smith arrested: Parents in Bonita Shores have daughter arrested on theft charge

They told police she stole their credit cards

Two Bonita Shores residents had their daughter arrested Saturday night after they told police she stole their credit cards and used them without permission.

Cynthia Lea Smith, 33, of the 60 block Ninth St., Bonita Springs, was arrested by Collier County sheriff's deputies at home. She was charged with illegal use of credit cards and felony grand theft.

The victims told deputies that they had received a billing statement from PayPal's "Bill Me Later" corporation with a balance of $573.11 in one of the victim's names, which the father said he never opened. The father told deputies he suspected his daughter fraudulently opened the account, according to reports.

The father also told deputies his daughter stole his Visa credit card and ran up a balance of $2,464.82 at various locations. When he confronted his daughter, the victim told deputies, she admitted to taking the card and gave it back.

The mother told deputies Smith had stolen her Dillard's credit card from her purse, reports stated, and the theft was noticed when the victim received a bill from a collections agency that said she owed $1,265,03. The mother also confronted Smith about the credit card, which she admitted to taking and then gave it back to the victim.

As a result of their desire to press charges, Smith was arrested.

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