Crews continue putting out hot spots at Greenacres brush fire while looking for cause

Fire crews remained at the scene of a brush fire in Okeeheelee County Park Friday putting out hot spots.

"The fire is ninety five percent contained, but it can flare back up if we aren't careful so we will stay out here," Scott Peterich with the Florida Forestry Service says.

Crews say they are now looking into what caused the blaze.

"It probably was human caused. There hasn't been any lightning. I'm not sure if it was intentional or accidental," Peterich said.

Firefighters say the blaze started near Okeeheelee Middle School.

Some of the embers traveled over a lake and started smaller fires almost half a mile away.

Parents at the school were alarmed to see all the smoke.

"That is the second time this has happened. There was so much smoke, but I don't think a student started it," parent Julio Wells said.

Fire crews say they haven't determined a cause, but continue to investigate.

"They will take a look and see especially if someone is starting fires. They kick in and go after them," Peterich said.

Forestry crews will continue to monitor the fire into the night.

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