Crazy ants invade the Tampa Bay area and infest everything from cell phones to computers

(WFLA) Chet Rowland has seen a lot of bugs in his day. He's been working in pest management for more than 40 years. He says the Caribbean Crazy Ant really freaks people out.

"You're not going to see one or two," Rowland said. "You're going to see thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands. They could be a quarter mile away and travel."

The ants swarm the outside of a home or building, and if you don't take care of them, they'll work their way in the structure.

"They're like zombies," Roland said. "They climb over dead ant bodies and that's what they do. It's piles and piles of dead ants. I have to shovel them."

Rowland gets dozens of calls a week at Chet's Pest Control about the ants. He says the trend started recently but it's here to stay.

"They started in South Florida," Rowland said. "They work their way up to areas with ports. Then the boats unload them."

According to Rowland you can't always prevent the pest problem. He says the best solution is to call an expert right away when you spot the ants. If you don't, they'll get in the building and eat the electrical cords. He also recommends putting a sealant or barrier around your home or office if you are near the woods.

"Now that they're here they're here to stay. That's how this works."