College Tuition: Governor Rick Scott urges 12 Florida public universities to keep tuition rates flat

University boards have the power to raise tuition

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) -- Florida Gov. Rick Scott is strongly warning universities that he will fight against any tuition hikes this year.

Scott made the warning in a letter sent out Friday to the heads of the boards that oversee the state's 12 public universities. He urged university boards to join him in a "worthy battle" to keep tuition rates flat.

The letter could be a prelude to a legal challenge. The governor on Monday vetoed a three percent hike included in this year's budget.

But tuition could still go up. University boards have the power to raise tuition.

A separate law states tuition goes up automatically by the rate of inflation i f there is no increase in the budget. That law, however, is silent on what happens if the governor vetoes the hike.

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