Chaz Stevens: Deerfield man brings Festivus to Tally

Is it a Festivus Miracle?
You might remember the made-up holiday from an episode of Seinfeld.
Well, now the signature symbol of the holiday - the aluminum pole - is taking its place in the state Capitol, right next to a nativity scene.
As Festivus rules dictate, Chaz Stevens' Festivus pole is made from the proper material. But he took the liberty of deciding to use cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.
"It got me through college," said Stevens.
Last week, this atheist, who disagrees with all religious expression on government property, successfully petitioned the governor to put the pole in the state Capitol.
It will go to next to the nativity scene.
"They opened the door. If they're going to allow a menorah, a crèche, a Pabst Blue, a Ribbon pole, maybe a Flying Spaghetti Monster," said Stevens. "It's all or none."
Boca Raton Pastor Mark Boykin isn't close to cracking a smile, saying this isn't about freedom of speech.
"Where does that cross over into the right and respect of others. If this were a true religion, where is the heritage, the history?" said Boykin.
Wikipedia says Festivus was originally discussed in the mid 1900a, but truly entered pop culture when Frank Costanza forced it on his son.
The pole is a symbol of this Deerfield Beach man's insistence that separation of church and state is absolute.
"There's going to be quite the list of the airing of grievances against Chad Stevens I'm sure," said Boykin.
Since December 23rd is the official start of Festivus, he's celebrating a bit early.
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