Casey Anthony pregnant, National Enquirer reports

Casey Anthony is reportedly telling close friends that she is pregnant and is "thrilled" for the chance to prove she can be a good mother, according to The Daily Mail, which is citing the National Enquirer.

The Daily Mail says the tabloid published a story based on the claims of multiple unidentified sources saying the Florida woman acquitted of charges she murdered her 2-year-old daughter Caylee is pregnant.

The Enquirer reports that Anthony, who has been in hiding since the July 2011 trial when she was found not guilty, fell in love with a wealthy man who is "taking care of her financially," the Daily Mail quotes the tabloid story as saying.

But in another twist, the Orlando Sentinel reported Thursday that the only National Enquirer pregnancy story it could find was published in July 2011, shortly after Anthony was acquitted.

And the latest Enquirer cover includes an Anthony photo with the headlines "Sterilization Bombshell" and "No more babies for Monster Mom." 

The Sentinel's reporter, Hal Boedeker, writes that he called Anthony's attorneys for comment, without success.

Anthony was recently seen in public for the first time when she attended a bankruptcy court hearing in Tampa.

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