Carnival Cruise ship passengers stuck on ship

Passengers wait in line for hours to clear Customs

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Passengers aboard a Carnival Cruise ship were stuck onboard hours after they were scheduled to debark Sunday.

The cruise ship docked at Pier 19 in Port Everglades, Ft. Lauderdale, but passengers weren't allowed to leave.

One of the passengers onboard said they were supposed to check out around 8:30 Sunday morning, but they were still stuck on the ship by noon.

With their bags packed and ready to go, passengers had nowhere to go but wait in line... hours longer than anyone could have anticipated.

The passengers say they weren't told what was causing the delay, leading to heightened frustration.

According to a spokeswoman from Port Everglades, the sequester is to blame. She released the following statement:

"The Customs and Immigration process for debarking guests has taken quite a bit longer than normal.  It is our understanding that more than one cruise line at Port Everglades is experiencing similar circumstances.  We do not anticipate any impact to the ship's itinerary for the next voyage which will depart later today.  We regret the inconvenience our guests have experienced during today's debark and clearance process."

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