Boston Marathon suspect photos: Florida man David Green snaps photo of suspect with white hat

A Florida man, without realizing it, captured one of the most important images in the Boston Maration bomibngs.

According to the Miami Herald, David Green used his iPhone to take the photo shortly after the bombings Monday.

When the FBI released images of two suspects Thursday, Green said he noticed something about his photo. The man wearing a white cap toward the lower portion of his image was suspect number two.

Green's photo shows the suspect at a side angle leaving the bombing scene.

"I spoke to the FBI and it may be the best photo they have," Green said, according to the Miami Herald report.

In an interview with The New York Times, Green confirmed that the picture was genuine.

Violence terrorized Bostonians overnight Thursday, and police believe two suspects involved are the same men who allegedly planted bombs that killed three in the Boston Marathon Monday. 

One was shot dead early Friday, and the other is still on the loose, authorities said. The suspect at large is believed to be the man in Green's image.

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