Bob Evans Seffner sinkhole? Restaurant evacuated after building cracks discovered

Engineers to examine

SEFFNER, Fla. - A Bob Evans restaurant in Seffner was evacuated due to reports of foundation cracks and structural damage Sunday.

The Hillsborough County Fire Department confirms the building, located at 11720 Tampa Gateway Boulevard near I-4, was cleared of employees and patrons.

Engineers will be at Bob Evans' restaurant to determine whether cracks in the floors and walls that appeared at the Seffner structure Sunday are indicative of a sinkhole.

The people nearby are on edge, as the restaurant is just a few miles down the road from where that deadly sinkhole claimed the life of 37 year-old Jeff Bush.

The restaurant has been closed since early Sunday morning, when employees here started noticing serious cracks along the floors and walls of the restaurant when they were trying to open.

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue says the testing should be thorough, and the people here are worried.

"It's scary. It's scary. We've got a lot of kids and a lot of schools and churches right around here. I don't want nothing to happen to them," said Carole Shaffer.

Nacole Revette, the Public Information Officer for Hillsborough County Fire Rescue says testing will provide some answers.

"They're going to be doing ground testing. They're going to be testing the structural compromise that we see within the building."

Aside from the possibility of a sinkhole, authorities are also considering possible washout from a nearby retention pond after all of the rains we've been having.

But until more concrete answers are available,  the place isn't opening.


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