Back-to-school time is here, parents consider after-school options

There are only a few days left until school starts in our area.

This means now is the time to plan what to do with your child after the final school bell rings.

For some, this means having to register kids for after school care services.

The services are available across our viewing area.

Prices vary per county. In Palm Beach County, the cost for after school care is ten dollars per day. In Indian River County, it'll cost parents $25 a week, and $20 a week per sibling.

These services are available for elementary school age children.

Education experts say they don't suggest letting children under the age of ten go home by themselves. If your child is old enough to go home alone after school, it's suggested parents have a safety plan with their child. The plan should involve access to an adult, such as a neighbor or phone contact.

If your child needs to go to an after school care program, but can't afford it, school districts can connect you to agencies that offer financial assistance.

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