Aldo Alvarez's parents say they did not expect a judge to send him to a mental hospital

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Aldo Alvarez's parents said they were shocked by a judge's decision to send their son to a state mental facility.

"I wasn't expecting this," Anna Alvarez said after the three hour court hearing on Wednesday.

The judge listened to testimony from various mental health experts and from Deputy Joshua McGehee.

McGehee says Alvarez attacked in last year and the deputy says he feared for his life.

Investigators say McGehee shot Alvarez multiple times.

"If he is willing to attack a cop on his property, who else is he willing to attack? I believe he is a threat to himself because even after being warned to leave my property and looking down the barrel of my gun, he continued to come at me and attack me," McGehee told the judge.

Alvarez's attorney asked the judge to allow him to remain on house arrest and get out patient treatment.

A team of doctors declared Alvarez incompetent.

But the judge told the court Alvarez needs to go somewhere he can get more intense medical treatment and not be a threat to himself or others.

"I am going to keep fighting until we get to the bottom of this," Alvarez's father Raul said after court.

It is unclear how long Alvarez will remain in a mental health facility. His attorney Wayne Richter says it could be for as long as five years or until he is competent to stand trial.

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