13-year-old boy brought gun to school bus stop, student at Azalea MIddle School in St. Petersburg

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - A 13-year-old St. Petersburg boy is facing charges after police said he brought a .38 caliber gun to his bus stop.

Pinellas County school officials said that a student from Azalea MIddle School did the right thing telling their parent that another student was showing off a handgun at the bus stop on 6th Ave. S. in St. Petersburg.

The parent told the school and the school told police. A parent with a 6th grade student at the school said he would tell his son to do the same thing. "You have to report it. You have to go the teacher or somebody else and report," said Heriberto Bayola.

Police went to the boy's home Tuesday morning and found the gun in his room. They charged him with a felony for possessing a weapon on school property. He told police he got the gun from another kid and wasn't going to hurt anyone. He just wanted to show it off.

ABC Action News is not releasing his identity because he is a minor.

Terry Siebel, whose daughter also goes to the school, said she didn't know about the arrest when she came to pick up her daughter.  "I drop her off every morning, so thankfully she doesn't ride the bus, just her going to the restroom, don't know who she's going to encounter, it's terrifying." said Siebel. "Parents need to know what their kids are doing. They need to be all in their business, especially in middle school, even elementary school," Seibel said.

Police said the student who brought the gun was already suspended from Azalea Middle and did not get on the bus.

The boy's mother did not want to comment. Police are investigating where the gun originally came from and how it got into the hands of kids.

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