Simple tax-saving tips before 2013 arrives

While it is uncertain whether your taxes will be going up in 2013, there are some simple things you can do to save in 2012 before Monday.

Jeff Sellers, a financial consultant in West Palm Beach, has the following tips to help you save :

-Sell your stocks, bonds or mutual funds outside your IRA if your gain warrants. "If you're contemplating selling a stock or a bond or a mutual fund outside of your IRA, and you're planning on selling it anyway, and you have a large gain, you should probably go ahead and sell it today or by the end of the day Monday. Because you'll be selling it in a lower tax environment then you will possibly on Wednesday," said Sellers.

- Take Losses. Take losses if you need to -- to offset future gains, which would be taxed at a higher rate.

- Donate. Make donations to charities for a tax deduction. Check the IRS website for information about charitable organizations.

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