Sgt. Justin Johnson's wake brings light to his years as a father

HOBE SOUND, Fla.-- Loved ones of Sgt. Justin Johnson are feeling more support as they continue to grieve the loss of their hero.


Close to 100 friends and family members arrived at his wake Friday, escorted by the Patriot Guard Riders and the Martin County Sheriff's Office.


The wake was a time to share stories, reflect on his 25-years of life, and especially the four years he spent as a father.


"With time and some much needed prayer, we'll make it through," said Johnson's Aunt Alison Harris.


Johnson was  remembered as a son, a grandson, a cousin.


"But most of all, Justin the father because he absolutely adored his little 4-year-old, our grandson," said Johnson's step-father Johnny Randolph.


Randolph says he's staying strong for the family. "You want to keep your emotions in check, but yet, you're so proud. I am so proud of him," said Randolph. 


Randolph is also proud of the father Johnson was to his own son. " Whenever he would come through the door, that was his [son's] shining moment," said Randolph.


He says it's hard knowing Johnson won't be able to see his own son grow up, as Randolph was able to watch Johnson grow.


"But the 4 years he spent with him, let me tell you, the quality of time that he spent with that little boy it just unbelievable, " said Randolph.


Family members now make it their priority to take care of his little boy.


Harris said she spoke to Johnson's body. "Justin, I whispered in his ear before I walked out and said 'you don't have to worry about him. I got him. Just like I loved you and took care of you, I'll do that for him."


"Everybody, we're going to bond together for the benefit of [his son]," said Randolph.


Johnson's funeral is set for Saturday.

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