More employers turning away applicants over social media posts

What you think is a harmless Facebook post could cost you a potential job.

A new report from " On Device Research" shows that 1 in 10 people between 16 and 34 have been turned down for a job because of photos or comments they have posted on a social media profile.

Two-thirds of people questioned said they were not concerned that their posts could hurt their chances of landing a job. 

If you're still not convinced your Facebook footprint matters, here's what a hiring manager for a Riviera Beach company told NewsChannel 5, " Every resume I get I search for them on social media before I even bring them in.  People post the darndest things."

Some of the red flags he searches for include: negative comments about a current employer, people who smoke or signs of excessive partying. 

Here are other tips for keeping your social media profile clean:

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