Free Apple (APPL) iPad, iPhone, MacBook if you 'Like' Apple? Facebook fact or fiction?

Apple is not giving away products via Facebook

Is Apple really giving away hundreds of iPads, iPhones and MacBooks, to celebrate "a great year at the Apple store?"

Thousands of people are sharing Facebook links claiming just that. But before you click the "Like" button, you may want to know what can happen if you do.

Several Apple Facebook pages claim that if you "Like" the page, you will be registered to win an iPhone 5, an iPad Mini or a MacBook.

It appears to be a legitimate Apple page.

One version says this is to give away "unsealed" items that were opened at the store and cannot be sold.

The Real Story

But alas,  CNET and other blogs report these are scams designed to get you to take surveys and in some cases give out your cellphone number, where it will be sold to marketers.

Apple tells CNET it is not giving away any products via Facebook , certainly not to people who simply "Like" a page.

As for the "unsealed" items, Apple sells those as refurbished. It does not give them away in contests.

Another red flag that something is fishy: the real Apple Facebook page has more than 9 million fans.

Most of these giveaway pages have between a few dozen and 2,000 fans, as they have been up for only a few weeks.

As always, don't waste your money.

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