Chad Russell: AdTrap entrepreneur says program can block Internet ads

The early days of the Internet, there was low-speed connections and simple graphics.  But in some ways, things were better.

It was simply page, text and pictures and that's it.  There were no pops up, no pre rolled video banners and things like that,

In other words, no ads.

Today, they're everywhere -- inescapable and sometimes annoying.

Of course, they pay for many of the great services we get for free, but tech entrepreneur Chad Russell has basically declared war on them.

Now Russell, a 31-year-old high school dropout, may be on the verge of shaking up the entire Internet advertising industry.

The idea kicked off with a video on the fundraising website Kickstarter, where Russell showed off his invention, called AdTrap, that connects between your modem and router.

He says it blocks every kind of ad on a website.

There's no software to configure or settings.  That was really one of the goals of the project to make it easy for people.

He wanted to raise $150,000 to get it up and running, but he wound up with well over $200,000.

AdtTap costs $139.

Based on early orders, demand seems incredibly high.

As for potential lawsuits from advertisers, Russell is anticipating them and that's why he's already retained a prominent Silicon Valley law firm.

Courtesy: CNN, Kickstarter