Boston Strong shirts sold through social media, raise money for marathon bombing victims

Boston Strong. It is a phrase that has been all over social media since last Monday's attacks. Now, the words are being printed on t-shirts and are helping to raise money for Boston bombing victims.

Employees with the t-shirt company  "Ink to the People" are working long hours to keep up with demand for the tees as seen in a Facebook video

The shirts were designed by Nick Reynolds and Christopher Dobens, two Boston-area college students, according to a post on the Boston Strong Facebook page.

Reynolds and Dobens have been using social media to spread the word and sell the t-shirts. The students' plan appears to be working. The Boston Strong co-founders have raised more than $500,000 from shirt sales for families affected by the blasts, according to another Facebook post.

The Boston Strong shirts cost twenty dollars and $15 goes to the One Fund Charity fund, which was set up by Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick. 

According to a tweet from @Bostondotcom, the fund has raised over $20 million for victims. 


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